Investigation Procedures

The following is the typical process for investigating complaints. Please note that investigations cannot always be conducted in the same manner every time based on the circumstances of the individual cases. We do, however, strive to collect all pertinent information in an efficient manner at all times.

Complaint investigations can take several months to complete, so please be patient. Once a complaint is filed an acknowledgment letter will be sent to the complaining party within five (5) business days of its receipt. A copy of the complaint is also mailed to the licensee or establishment involved in the complaint.

The licensee or owner or person in charge of the establishment is given the opportunity to submit a written response the complaint within fourteen (14) days. In some cases an investigator will be assigned to the case.

Once the response has been received as well as any additional documents or evidence which might be necessary to fully evaluate the case, the case will be given to the Complaint Committee for review. After the Complaint Committee has reviewed all the evidence, it will make a recommendation to the full Board. After consideration of the Committee’s recommendations, the Board will vote on whether or not disciplinary action should be taken, and if so, the type of action to be taken.

All parties will be provided with a copy of the Board’s resolution of the case.