Courtesy Cards

A courtesy card is a type of registration that allows certain individuals to direct funerals and burials in West Virginia. To be eligible for a Courtesy Card, an applicant must meet the following qualifications:

The applicant must be licensed as a funeral director and working for a funeral home in a state that borders West Virginia (Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Virginia).

The applicant must be in good standing with his/her state board (in other words, the funeral director has not been disciplined for any violations).

With a Courtesy Card an applicant CAN:

  • transport to and from West Virginia.
  • direct a funeral at a church, cemetery, or other location.
  • bury a decedent.

A Courtesy Card applicant CAN NOT:

  • open or operate a funeral home in West Virginia.
  • open or operate a business office in West Virginia.
  • embalm or otherwise prepare a body for burial or other disposition.

The differences between a Courtesy Card, a Reciprocal License, and a Regular Embalmer/Funeral Director License are:

  • A courtesy card only allows you to perform the duties of a funeral director. You can not embalm. You must also be licensed and working in a bordering state. You are not required to test for this registration, unlike the regular or reciprocal licenses.
  • A reciprocal license is identical to a funeral director/embalmer license. The only difference is in how the license is obtained. A regular license is obtained by completing an apprenticeship in West Virginia and obtaining the initial license in West Virginia. A reciprocal license is obtained by first becoming licensed in another state and then reciprocating (or transferring) to West Virginia. You must still meet educational qualifications.

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Courtesy Card Application
Courtest Card License Verification Form
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